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Heavenly Horse Equestrians

In 2020 the youth of the Greater Pinckney Area came together and started it's first Hunt Seat Interscholastic Equestrian Assocation (IEA) Team - The Heavenly Horse Equestrians.

An IEA rider’s journey starts with the desire to be part of a team.  Whether the team is the partnership between rider and horse or the team that consists of old and new friends at the barn, an IEA rider has the opportunity to develop competitive riding skills, make lasting memories, and further their riding ability in college and beyond.

And the best part is, IEA riders do not need to own a horse or tack to participate – making it an affordable way to participate in equestrian sport.

IEA shows are a test of skills. You draw the horse you will ride for the show and meet the horse for the first time in the show arena! It's a fun challenge that you and your peers will enjoy!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to your instructor!

Once you join the IEA you would be eligible to compete in 5 shows in the IEA. Not including the Regional's, Zone's or National Finals if you qualify.
The show season goes from September - January
You will need horse show attire to participate.

Interested in learning about the team? Fill out this form: CLICK HERE

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