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Body Clipping

Bath Required Before Clip

We offer full and partial body clips

  • Draft $190

  • Average sixed horse $170

  • Pony (14hh or less) $150

  • Mini Horse (8hh or less) $120

Bath: If you would like us to bathe and prepare your horse for the clipping: $40

Additional Fees: 

$35 Blade Replacement fee if horse is dirty

$45 problem clipping fee; per additional hour above 3 hours. 



20 minutes per horse

Your horse deserves some extra loving and attention, so our Grooms are here to help. Regular grooming routines helps keep your horse's coat healthy and looking good. 


  • Curry and body brushing

  • Mane and Tail detangling 

  • Hooves picked

  • Fly Spray

  • Body Check for wounds

Additional Fees:

$5 Tack up 

$35 per horse

$25 per addtional horse



Up to 45 minutes per horse

Bathing keeps your horse's skin and hair clean and healthy. A regular bathing routine is an important skin problem prevention. 


  • Quick brush off

  • Soapy rub of body, mane & tail

  • Full rinse

  • Execess water removal 

  • Additional product application

  • Finish Brushing & Fly Spray

$45 per horse

$35 per additional horse

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