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Farm Cleaning Services

Stall Cleaning Service

Keeping stalls clean is one of the best ways to ensure a sanitary and safe breathing environment for you and your horse. 

  • Strip Stalls

  • Picking Stalls

  • Sweeping

  • Replace Shavings

  • Discard Waste

  • Refresh Waters

  • Blow Out Barn

Base Price: $50 
Includes up to two stalls
+$15 per additional stall

Deep Barn Cleaning

A deep barn clean gets your barn back to feeling clean when you walk in the door. A team of cleaners will come to your barn to make it feel like new again. Service includes: 

  • Scrubbing &  wipe down of barn and stall walls

  • Stripping stalls and/or replacing bedding

  • Cleaning of feed, tack and bathroom

  • Barn aisle cleaning and blow out

  • Scrubbing & Disinfecting of water buckets &  troughs

  • Tack Cleaning

  • Removing Cobwebs

  • AND more!

Hourly Service:
$150 per hour
White Horse

Barn Upkeep Service

After a Deep Barn Cleaning; schedule a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning for your barn to keep it in tip-top shape. 

Weekly: $45 per hour

Bi-Weekly: $65 per hour

Monthly: $85 per hour

Assisting with decluttering, cleaning, and organizing for continued maintenance of cobwebs, dust, and any necessary tasks for your barn to stay in great shape!

Barn Upkeep Service must be scheduled 90 days after Deep Barn Cleaning. 
Horse in Stable

Pasture Cleaning

Clean paddocks make for a sanitary and happy place for a horse. Regular manure removal will aid in the reduction of parasites, eliminates places for flies to breed, and reduces the effects on our natural waterways. 

Horses will avoid grass that has manure on it, which means not only are you killing off grass, horses are choosing to not eat what is there. 

$50 per hour

Stable Hand

Our Stable Hand Service is and hourly service for your specific needs. One or two of our team members will come out to work on the task at hand. 

$45/$85 per hour (one/two staff)
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